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Wenzday & Kaysin link up on Repopulate Mars for ‘Your Fantasy’ featuring Haylee Wood.

Starting the year out fresh, DJ/producers Wenzday and Kaysin come correct with the brilliantly raw and highly energetic impact record 'Your Fantasy' featuring talented DJ, producer and vocalist Haylee Wood. Exchanging raucous bottom-end for a more restrained backbone, ‘Your Fantasy’ aligns pop-infused melodies with tech-infused percussion and rhythm. Haylee Wood adds a naughty-natured vocal hook that encourages the floor to embrace their inner freak. Her sensuous vocals combined with high-energy tribal percussion make this tech house record a true crowd-pleaser. Pair this all with a groove-bolstering bassline, and one listen will make you want to hit the dance floor ASAP.

A live studio session between the three artists helped bring the project together. Wenzday & Kaysin shed some light on the creative process of working with Haylee Wood: “When we got into the studio, our goal was to make a record to accompany the perfect night out. After multiple studio sessions, tons of club testing, and feedback from our peers, the club heater "Your Fantasy" was born. But we knew when we were listening to it over and over again that something was missing. So we contacted our friend Haylee to see if she would be interested in collaborating with us and helping fuse together what we knew would be a dancefloor bop. Just like we expected, the studio session was magic. In basically one take, we had what we knew was the perfect vocal to give this song exactly what it needed. We hope you enjoy this song and that it will become a mainstay in sets for years to come!”

Wenzday & Kaysin ‘Your Fantasy’ feat. Haylee Wood drops via Repopulate Mars. Stream / buy here:


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