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Undrtone Agency

Artist, Label & Event PR

Welcome to Undrtone Agency, where we specialise in elevating electronic dance music brands. Whether you’re an artist, record label, or event organiser, our bespoke PR services are designed to increase your visibility, engage your audience, and make a lasting impact on the electronic music scene.

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Artist PR Services: Amplify Your Talent

Your music deserves to reach its full potential. At Undrtone Agency, our Artist PR services are crafted to enhance your presence and connect you with fans and industry professionals.

Tailored Campaigns: We create personalised PR strategies that align with your unique sound and artistic vision.

Media Outreach: Utilise our extensive network to secure features in top publications, influential blogs, and leading podcasts.

Press Kits & Bios: Professionally crafted press materials that effectively tell your story and highlight your music.

Record Label PR Services: Strengthen Your Brand

As a record label, maintaining a strong, recognisable brand is crucial. Our Label PR services are designed to set your label apart, increase awareness, and attract top talent.

Brand Development: Enhance your label’s image with strategic branding and identity initiatives.

Release Campaigns: From building pre-release excitement to securing post-release reviews, we manage comprehensive campaigns to maximise impact.

Media Relations: Our team connects your label with key media, DJs, and radio to amplify your releases.

Event Promotion: Ensure your label events stand out with targeted promotional strategies and extensive coverage.

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Event PR Services: Make Your Events Stand Out

Whether hosting a club show or a large-scale festival, our Event PR services are designed to make your event the highlight of the season.

Pre-Event Buzz: Generate anticipation with strategic teaser campaigns, media placements, and influencer collaborations.

Media Accreditation: Manage press attendance and coverage to ensure your event gets the recognition it deserves.

Post-Event Analysis: Gain insights into your event’s success with detailed reports and analytics.

Grow Your Vision

Ready to elevate your brand’s presence? Contact Undrtone Agency today, and let’s achieve something remarkable together. Your sound, our expertise - enhanced.

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