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Steve Bug returns to Rejected with Grumble Bumble

With six in six on Rejected Steve Bug is, what you might call, firmly part of the family. As is his regular sparring partner Cle. However, for the first of ’23, the Berlin-based producer flies solo on two excellent late night, heavy-hitting, groovers.

Whilst describing the movements and sounds of the opening track to perfection, ‘Grumble Bumble’, is also a title that can deceive. There are no tired, ageing shapes being thrown to this mid-noughties Pokerflat’esque soundtrack. Strobelight at the ready. Sweat on the walls, the warehouse is calling.

Beautifully countering the heads down stripped-back bounce of the A side, is the percussive and uplifting funk of ‘Get Away From Me’. Skipping along on jazzy rides and rim-shots, its menacing chords are pierced by synth stabs, claps and a silky vocal, to create a track that balances power and poise to perfection.


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