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Noema presents his innovative album concept, "ONE"

Updated: Nov 20, 2023


ONE” is a unique album concept from German downtempo/Balearic disco producer Noema, whose new release comes in the form of a single track lasting 45 minutes.

The music is a fusion of orchestral instrumentation and sequenced percussion which holds the tempo and a foundation for the groove. There is an uplifting mood and joyous vibe to the music, and a fun story behind the concept.

Talking about the quirky concept of ONE, Noema explains that the music tells a story of "an island-universe called Noema that manifests as four Interdimensional Space Voyagers. Because humanity has lost their ability to play and connect with each other, these entities became trapped in our dimension and now put on performances to re-power their portal, so that we can all be interdimensional again!"

Noema has created and designed costumes that help bring this story to life, and the album is accompanied by a comic book strip that has photographs telling the story of the music. There is also an accompanying live show, where the costumed stage performers create an interactive show. Crowd members at the live shows where Noema performs the album are invited to join the costumed performers and participate in telling the story.

Below is a video from 2022 where Noema was able to test a trial version of the album concept at Garbicz Festival…

More videos from the project will be released in the next few weeks via Noema's Instagram account.

Out now, “ONE” is available as a gatefold vinyl with colourful artwork, and the comic book telling the album’s interdimensional story is printed across the inside of the cover.

You can buy the release HERE.


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