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Scottish Drum & Bass Prodigy Ekwols Strikes Back with 'Hyena' on Evolution Chamber

Emerging from the vibrant tapestry of Edinburgh, Scotland, rising Drum & Bass star Ekwols continues solidifying his position as a luminary within the genre. With his exceptional talent for blending vocals, melodies, and rhythms, Ekwols has captured the hearts of a dedicated fanbase, earning acclaim for his dynamic resonance and captivating compositions.

Since joining the Evolution Chamber family last year, Ekwols has been on an upward trajectory, showcasing his prowess through a series of singles and remixes that have garnered widespread recognition. Following the success of his remix of Label CEO Task Horizon’s ‘Legacy’, Ekwols returns with his latest offering and unleashes the ‘Hyena’. Download/stream:

‘Hyena’, is nothing short of a tour de force that exemplifies his signature style. Seamlessly combining rhythms, melodies, and powerful vocals with a strict dancefloor attitude, Ekwols crafts a dynamic, immersive track that takes no prisoners. From the pulsating beats to the evocative vocal, ‘Hyena’ is a testament to Ekwols’ ability to push the boundaries of Drum and Bass while maintaining his deep dystopian core.

For those who survived the attack of the ‘Hyena’, this single-sided release shows precisely why Ekwols has been a hotly-tipped artist across dance music and why he’s a driving force within Evolution Chamber’s roster. It’s the first single of his 2024 musical journey, with more to come. 

“Hyenas, let me hear ya!”


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