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Premiere: Craig & Grant Gordon - Melon Melody [Seven Dials Records]

Craig & Grant Gordon return to Seven Dials Records for their second release on Seb Zito’s label titled ‘Fashion Week EP’, a 4 tracker full of funk, swing and groove.

Craig & Grant Gordon are brothers that produce and play groovy minimal and house with a low end swing. They’re recent releases have seen massive support from many in the scene such as Marco Carola, Michael Bibi, De La Swing, Ms Mada and more and after the success of their first release on the label they now return to Seven Dials and serve up a terrific 4 track EP.

First out of the blocks is the title track ‘Fashion Week’. The track gets started with some fashionable swing to the beats, before long the fun and playful bassline is dropped in to finish off the groove to have the dance floor getting grooviest of grooves.

Next up is ‘Percussion Thief’ a track that is certainly on trend, with its classic deep house chords, swinging hi hats, punchy drums and a subtle but potent rolling bassline. This is a wonderful example of how to produce deep, funky house.

‘Bohemia’ slightly diverges from the previous two tracks with its Balearic floating synths and layered up organs, which combine with the swinging beats that the brothers do so well. Dreamy pads and vocal snippets are twirled around each other during the breakdowns and will have people wondering if this came out in 2022 or 1992.

Last but not least is ‘Melon Melody’ a track that combines phasing, celestial pads, and a cheeky little acid line to great effect to finish off this excellent follow up EP.

Craig & Grant Gordon's 'Fashion Week' EP is out now on Seven Dials Records.


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