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Hot Picks: Steve Kelley Shares Some of His Favourite Grooves

A passionate, dedicated and energetic talent, Steve Kelley began almost 20 years ago as a DJ having played for some of the largest and respected brands in dance music. Steve’s sound is very much about the groove and melody, accompanied with a deep, chunky house vibe.

With his latest release due to land on Steve Bug's Sublease Music imprint on 19th May, Steve dials back the years to pay respect to the originators via the aptly named 'Back To The Old School'.

You can pre-order/save it here:

In honour of Steve's upcoming release, we asked us to do the honour of delivering his very own Hot Picks selection:

Millok, Zigelli - “Feel Me” (Basanov Remix)

This track has been very influential to me over the past year and has been a signature track to my DJ sets, especially securing a weekly radio show on Ibiza Global Radio.

Pornbugs “Artica”

Loving this track from the Pornbugs most recently. Great chunky groovy drums and bassline with hypnotic chords. A track you’d definitely get lost in with your head down dancing away in a club.

Because of Art, Antony Szmierek “Circle of Light”

Super feel good track accompanied with a hooky piano, melodic pads and old school house vibe.

Audiojack “Liberation”

Huge fan of the productions from the Audiojack boys and their latest release on 8bit. Nice driving bassline with an epic melodic breakdown with a cheeky naughties vocal vibe.

Mihai Popoviciu “Call Me”

Big time groover of a track. Great chunky drums, rolling bassline with a distinct synth throughout the track. Perfect to get the dancer floor going.

Steve Kelley “Bruneck”

Sorry, I had to slip this one in the selection as it was my first signing to Steve Bug and a track that had huge support from the likes of Nick Warren, John Digweed, Hernan Catteneo, Anthony Pappa.

Gareth Cole “Drawn To The Dark”

Loving Gareth’s vibe at the moment with his recent release on Ohral. Perfect progressive number with energy that just climbs and climbs.

Steve Kelley “Back To The Old School”

Had to include a new track I've released with this classic deep house inspired sound.

Cesar Del Rio, Tatsu “Ghosts In The Night” (Zetbee Remix)

This track for me has perfect Summer time vibes and feel good factor. Amazing bassline and great vocals.

Nuyorica - Unfulfilled Dreams

An older track but still a firm goto in my record collection when playing out. One to get the party started.

Steve Kelley's 'Back To The Old School' is available from 19th May on Sublease Music.

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