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Hot Picks: Frankyeffe Shares Some of His Favourite Techno Cuts

Traversing the winding passages of his own cavernous capabilities, prolific Italian DJ, producer and label owner Frankyeffe – real name Francesco Fava – is well on his way to reaching the peak of his towering potential. Since his career’s 2001 inception, he’s wandered some of the darkest corners of melodic techno, injecting innovation and amplitude and gradually cementing himself as a true master within his own class.

Initially rising to prominence behind the decks of Rome’s renowned Rashomon Club, for three consecutive seasons, the venue’s intimate interior provided a vast canvas for Frankyeffe to draw upon. Soon sparking the interests of a wider audience, he’s since reached international recognition playing at various Mutate events in Naples, the Audio Club in Geneva, Germany’s Audiogate festival and a monster slot on the Pryda stage at Tomorrowland in Belgium. Stretching his reach further to high profile gigs in the UK, Holland, Portugal, Spain, Columbia and China his music is fast becoming a global force to be reckoned with.

Frankyeffe's latest work comes as a riveting four-track EP with fellow countryman Resonances on Eats Everything & Andres Campo’s EI8HT imprint. 'On Fire' features an array of swinging Techno bangers from end to end, including the blistering 'What You' featured exclusively below.

To celebrate his latest release, we asked Frankyeffe to compile a special selection of some of his favourite records:

Frankyeffe, Resonances (IT) - What You

Was born from an idea of a vocal from a song from the 70s, and we adapted it to this track that comes close to a Chicago and Detroit funk sound.

Egbert - Overpressure

Psychedelic sounds and rave and electro elements, I love this job!

Ugur Project - After Space

I'm consuming this track; as soon as he sent me this song, I wanted to publish it on Riot right away!

Frankyeffe - We Come

One of my fav productions; a delirium happens every time I play it.

Lilly Palmer - We Control

Obviously a super production; the dance floor always goes crazy.

Julian Jeweil - Boreal

Julian's beautiful journey, I gladly listen to him even while driving!

Onyx - Restlessness

Tracey/Hard track - His first EP was fired for my Riot; I'm glad I produced it.

Chris Liebing - Mind bender (Planetary Assault System Remix)

Two names, two legends of Techno music. This work is superb!

Dubfire - Sound Bath (Luciid Remix)

True techno! I love this remix; I will play it a lot!

Better Lost Than Stupid - Inside (Andres Campo On A Trip Remix)


Frankyeffe & Resonances (IT) 'On Fire' is out on EI8HT on 25th March 2022.

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