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Unveiling Oscar Escapa and Linear Phase's Collaborative Brilliance with 'Recoded' Drumcode EP

Oscar Escapa and Linear Phase in the studio

Barcelona's own Oscar Escapa and Linear Phase have joined forces again, returning to DC LTD with their latest creation, the 3-track masterpiece, ' Recoded'. This EP is not merely a collection of tunes; it's a sonic journey crafted for peak time, a blend of their unique styles that promises to captivate techno aficionados worldwide. Download/stream it here:

Describing 'Recoded' as a "steaming cut made for the peak-time, propelled by crunchy drums, a head-scrambling vocal, and plenty of eerie effects to ensure impact," the duo sets the stage for an electrifying experience. Each track is meticulously crafted to deliver a distinct flavour while maintaining a cohesive narrative throughout the EP.

In an exclusive interview, Oscar Escapa and Linear Phase shed light on the genesis of their collaboration and the creative process behind 'Recoded'. When asked about the driving force behind the EP, Oscar Escapa reflects on their lifelong friendship and shared passion for music. "We always got together to hang out and work, and magic arose," he remarks.

As Linear Phase explains, their artistic visions seamlessly merge: "We merge our ways of working... from that union, we manage to unite two very different styles always very focused on the dance floor." This synergy is evident in each track, where hardware meets software and commercial meets underground, resulting in a harmonious blend that defies genre boundaries.

Navigating the distinct techno identity of Drumcode, the duo credits label head Adam Beyer for allowing them to showcase their work. Linear Phase remarks, "We didn't know if it would fit, but from here, we thank Adam Beyer for giving us the opportunity." Their ability to blend their unique styles while staying true to the label's sonic signature speaks volumes about their versatility and creativity.

Oscar Escapa and Linear Phase in the studio

Despite the challenges collaborations often present, Oscar Escapa and Linear Phase found their synergy to be effortless. "The truth is that we didn't have any problems since we let ourselves go, and everything came out naturally," Oscar Escapa shares. Their shared history and mutual respect laid the foundation for a seamless creative process.

'Recoded' isn't just another EP; it's a testament to techno's evolution, honouring its roots while pushing boundaries. Oscar Escapa reflects, "We are from the old generations, so we have lived the old school and these new generations, and we like to experiment to try to merge both eras." The EP offers a diverse range of tracks, carefully curated to showcase both artists' styles while inviting listeners on a sonic exploration.

Looking ahead, Oscar Escapa and Linear Phase have plans to stay strong. With individual projects and collaborations on the horizon, including an upcoming EP on Planet Rhythm, the duo continues pushing techno's boundaries. As they embark on this journey, one thing is sure – their passion for music and unwavering commitment to innovation will continue to inspire and captivate Techno enthusiasts worldwide.

Oscar Escapa

Linear Phase


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