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Interview/Mix: Diving Deeper With Australian Melodic DJ/Producer Jesabel


Jesabel, the versatile DJ, vocalist, and producer from Sydney, Australia, has relocated to the UK, positioning herself at the epicentre of the global music scene. Having transitioned into melodic techno and progressive music - Jesabel's artistry is poised to make a significant impact. Over her decade-long career, she secured management and agency representation with Ministry of Sound Australia and showcased her dynamic stage presence at renowned venues and festivals worldwide.

Beyond music, Jesabel has cultivated cross-cultural partnerships in fashion, social media, and travel, collaborating with influential brands like YSL, TikTok, Afterpay, JBL, and MTV. With a commitment to diverse charitable causes, particularly in mental health, cancer research, and animal welfare, Jesabel is dedicated to making a positive impact. Now self-represented and based in London, Jesabel focuses on a more concentrated musical journey, aiming for global recognition and significant milestones in her career.

Following the release of her latest record 'Eternal Love', a collaboration with Emile Battour on Enhanced Music, Jesabel is the newest guest on our UNDRCTRL mix series, and we're delighted to have her join us for an interview too:

Thanks for joining us today. We hear you moved from Australia to London last year; how did you find the move and adjust to UK life?

I moved to London in December 2022 - honestly, I have to say the 12 months that followed were both the best and hardest of my life! Not to be dramatic, but moving away from your home comforts, family and friends in your late 20s came with a lot of anxiety. It takes a long time to adjust to a new way of life. Sydney is chilled, relaxed and all about lifestyle. London is much more fast-paced, and everyone is on a mission to succeed, which I actually really admire. I’m in the season of my life where I’m on this new wave and really pushing for something I believe in. I’m definitely where I need to be. So far, it’s been completely rewarding on so many fronts.


Tell us about your journey into music and what led you to this point. 

I was always very musical as a child. From the age of 6, my parents had me in singing lessons, and I went through all of my schooling with a massive focus on music theatre. I dabbled in other instruments such as piano, violin and flute - and picked up my ear for music, learning all these instruments. Once I had finished school, I found myself with no musical outlet. I was 19, and at a party one night where there was a DJ, we got chatting, and the next thing we agreed was he would teach me every Wednesday morning in the local pub. From there, I got my first gig at the same pub one Friday night. This was the start of a really fun and fulfilling touring DJ career. I was lucky enough to tour all of Australia, South-East Asia and New Zealand. Once COVID came and went, it spurred me on to have a go at pursuing a career in the style of music that really interested me - progressive house and melodic techno. I felt my only chance at a good go was to pick my life up and move to London - and here we are! 


How do you effectively promote yourself as an artist?

I want to start by saying I’m no expert, but I really am in the thick of learning on the job! I mean, social media is an important part of this industry whether you like it or not. Social media hasn’t always felt really natural to me, and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t feel like a necessary evil to begin with. As I began to think of it as building a community rather than ‘marketing’, it started to feel a lot more enjoyable. Now, I’m loving it, and creating authentic content is super fun. Fun fact - an audience will always be so much more engaged with a brand or piece of content that is truly authentic to who you are. Outside of that, establishing your brand’s look and feel is important. What does it look like (logo, etc.)? I also spend a lot of time networking and meeting new people. Building personal relationships with like-minded people is something I really enjoy, which is an absolute bonus. Ultimately, though, the music is the number one priority and the most fun part of it all! This will be the centre of everything that follows. 


Tell us about your latest release, 'Eternal Love', on Enhanced.

Eternal Love is my first release in the progressive/melodic techno world. It features vocalist Emile Battour from Melbourne, so two Aussies are coming together on this one! This record was written in May 2023, and Emile laid down the vocal for this in June. I think this track sums up so much of what I love in music - emotion in the break, giving that feel by way of pads and strings, tension creating arps, plus Emile’s ethereal vocal dropping into a bass-heavy drop you can’t get away from. This was originally supposed to be released in May 2024 (a year after it was made!) But the label had an unexpected space open in February, and we got it in! Enhanced is a strong label, and this record means a lot to me - all in all, I think a really solid introduction to Jesabel for a lot of people.


Do you plan to release more with the label? Tell us a little about your future music plans!

Yes! I’m excited to announce that Enhanced and I will be doing a few more records in 2024. I’ve also done a similar deal with Zerothree, so there is lots of music coming from me this year and beyond, which is so exciting! I’ve been really fortunate to find some great teams in Enhanced and Zerothree who have already shown immense support for what I’m doing. Signing music is such a tricky process, so finding experienced teams who believe in my project in its early stages has been an absolute dream - pinch me stuff! 


How do you take care of your mental health?

Mental health is a big part of my life. Anxiety and panic disorder is something that I have dealt with for a long time. It can be really debilitating at times. A lot of my anxiety is situational surrounding crowds, travel situations, etc. I often get asked if I know what I’m potentially getting myself into?! Yes, I do, but I love it and performing is one of the only times I don’t feel anxiety - nerves, yes, anxiety, no. Exposure therapy has been really positive for me. Putting myself in situations where I feel uncomfortable repeatedly allows those situations to become habitual and easier to manage. Seeing obstacles as a challenge rather than fear really helps as well. Meditation is great and retrains the brain - this is definitely something I would like to get better at doing more regularly! 



Talk us through your creative process.

I work in a few different ways. I have a very humble home set up, which is very comfortable and just what I need for now. Inspiration comes from anything, but not all sessions are successful, of course. I either like to start off at the beginning of a project and work quite linearly or layer and loop. Keep things in and drop things out, build up a loose structure, and then build out the project. I’m fortunate enough to collaborate and work with engineers on occasion, and I love this part of the process because you learn loads of lessons along the way - this is what I find so intriguing about music production. You will never learn it all, and if you do, technology will put you right back where you started! 


What advice do you have for other artists looking to make it on a more international scale?

I know moving overseas is not always accessible for everyone - I’m lucky enough to have a UK passport and family in the UK, so having the option and then the support was a real privilege. It has genuinely been the best and most rewarding thing I’ve ever done in my life, and I’ve only been here a year! I would never have met the people I’ve met and the opportunities I’ve experienced otherwise, I don’t think. So, if you’re thinking about it - do it and give it everything! 


What is your biggest goal this year, and how close are you to achieving it?

My biggest goal this year was to have a solid and regular release schedule. I’ve more or less managed to achieve that early on with regular music coming from me through the next 12 months. I’m so excited for it all to be out in the world! Outside of that now, I’d love to align with an agency and begin ramping up the touring. There are some really solid dates already in the diary for 2024 - a few more wouldn’t hurt! ;) The focus is still just on continuing to write and enjoy my hobby-turned-career! 

Jesabel's 'Eternal Love' with Emile Battour is out now on Enhanced Music:


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