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Hot Picks: brazilian LUMERTZ on his way to international techno scene

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Techno is more in evidence than ever and demands more and more originality from DJs and producers. The person who understands this is LUMERTZ, a brazilian artist who has lived in Australia since 2019 precisely to be in contact with the international techno scene. In these almost 5 years, he has absorbed a wealth of experience and now, finally, he is more than ready to take on his first commitments in Europe.

He recently performed at two partner events of the Amsterdam Dance Event, in the Netherlands, his first time there. The first one took place at the Eat the Beat Showcase, with Metodi Hristov. After that, he participated in Kaligo Records Showcase, at 50: Hertz House & Techno Cafe. Soon, a new release from him will arrive on Kaligo Records, a Brazilian record label that is prominent in the country within the Techno scene.

LUMERTZ evolved his sound towards a dirtier and more hypnotic aesthetic within Raw Techno, always adding a lot of speed and dynamics to his productions, which have already reached labels such as Tronic, Mavic Music and Noise Music. Here he presents us with his 5 choices that best represent his current artistic moment.

Track 1: Rødhad, Ignez - VERMILLION 03 [220208.2]

What I most like about this track is the progression of the bassline that follows constant along the whole track and the nice work with the vocal that gives a dark and mysterious vibe

Track 2: Linear System - Hyperfocus

Just like the previous track this one has that constant bassline and looped vocal that create a very dark and hypnotic atmosphere that is something I always try to transmit in my latest productions

Track 3: PS11 - Primary Funktion (Lindsey Herbert Remix)

I love a good remix and this remix from Lindsey is a good example of how to work with vocals, which lately have been a very present element in my tracks

Track 4: KaioBarssalos- You Gotta Keep Going

This track is a good example for me of a Detroit/ Dub track that has such a nice groove, a looped cord and vocal that fits all together and flows smoothly barely making you realize time flowing

Track 5: LUMERTZ - Unblocked

Unblocked is a very special track for me because it marks a new chapter in my journey as a producer, seeking for looped and hypnotic sounds. This track was named like that because I was stuck in a creative block for two months.


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