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Dachshund back on Poker Flat with 3 track EP 'Cosy Mess'

Dachshund is the artist name of Olivier Doret, a DJ and producer based in Geneva, Switzerland who is also the co-founder of the Clapper label.

With his Cozy Mess EP on Poker Flat Recordings, he dials in directly to his signature sound - beautifully produced tech-leaning house with tonnes of atmosphere and vibe.

Cozy Mess, the title track develops around an ethereal arpeggiated melody that undulates and evolves, while restrained synth stabs punctuate the groove. Lust offers up a similarly enthralling journey, a mini epic that integrates minor keys and pads. Hidden Echoes is the last track on the EP, with a tougher beat that sets the tone for some dubby and effected sounds to float on top, creating a rich atmosphere carried forward by sharply programmed drums.

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