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Caprices announce first release of new label CAPRICES MUSIC

For its first release, Caprices Music relies on Brizman, an Israeli based in Berlin. In a competitive market of international DJs and producers, Brizman's distinctive sound consistently delights the hearts of listeners.

He has produced a massive collection of minimal house tracks that have already been released on renowned labels. Now he's hitting his notes on Caprices Music with two original tracks "Mama Shelly feat. Linn Stern" and "Berlin Moment" in tribute to the recent death of his mother. If one is a melancholic and haunting ballad, the other is distinguished by a deep but heavy sound.

As for the remixes, Tripmastaz and Silat Beksi deliver two dancefloor bomb. The remix of Silat Beksi will appear only on the vinyl version.

Artist(s): Brizman, Linn Stern, Silat Beksi, Tripmastaz Title: Mama Shelly Record Label: CAPRICES MUSIC Catalogue Number: CAPRICESMUSIC001 Release Date: 26th February 2023

Tracklist: 1) Mama Shelly feat. Linn Stern (Original Mix) 2) Berlin Moment (Original Mix) 3) Berlin Moment (Silat Beksi Remix) 4) Mama Shelly feat. Linn Stern (Tripmastaz Remix 'The ones who love us will miss us') 5) Mama Shelly feat. Linn Stern (Tripmastaz Remix 'but until then we dance’)


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