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UNDRCTRL: Canadian Duo Lex & Wood Join Our Mix Series!

We're back with another artist guest mix, this time from Canadian duo Lex & Wood.

With releases via Rawthentic, Desert Hearts, Elrow and more, Montreal-born duo Lex & Wood are amongst a handful of Canada’s new generation of talent pushing fresh house sounds. Gaining support from the likes of Danny Howard, Josh Butler, Latmun and Nicole Moudaber, the Creatures Of Habit chiefs recently made their South Of Saturn debut with the release of their percussive, vocal-led cut ‘Danza De Los Diablos’.

Playful vocals, frisky percussion and effervescent basslines fuel ‘Danze De Los Diablos’ as hissing samples, Latin keys and rhythmic claps work polyphonically in this cheeky, club-orientated cut.

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