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Reflecting on the Finale of IMS Ibiza 2024: Fostering Community and Inspiring Change

IMS Ibiza 2024
IMS Ibiza Delegates gather at Hyde's Picturesque Beach Bar | Image Credit: Tatiana Chausovsky

The final day of IMS Ibiza 2024, in partnership with AlphaTheta, was a culmination of spirited discussions, inspiring revelations, and a collective determination to shape the future of the electronic music industry. As the sun blazed overhead, Bridges for Music embarked on a 107km cycling journey around the island, setting the tone for a day filled with celebration and purpose.

One of the standout sessions was the ‘Ask Me Anything: Meet the Bookers’, hosted by AFEM. Amidst discussions on industry dynamics, the emphasis shifted to the significance of building genuine relationships over social media metrics. Sarah McBriar of AVA shared her journey, highlighting the value of personal connections and community engagement in fostering a thriving career.

Another pivotal theme revolved around the indispensable role of grassroots venues in the electronic music ecosystem. As Alex Montoya shed light on Madrid’s burgeoning scene, the contrast with the challenges faced by UK venues underscored the urgent need for support and advocacy.

The ‘Champions Of Our Community’ session resonated deeply, featuring voices from marginalised communities whose contributions to electronic music often go unrecognised. Their stories served as a poignant reminder of the importance of inclusivity and solidarity in shaping a more equitable industry.

IMS Ibiza 2024
'Champions Of Our Community' celebrated voices from marginalised groups | Image Credit: Tasya Menaker

Throughout the summit, the Art of Areté area underscored the significance of prioritising mental and physical well-being in a fast-paced industry. Breakthrough star Mochakk eloquently emphasised the adage: health is wealth.

In conversations with Smokin’ Jo, DJ Paulette, and Cassö, the power of sisterhood and collaborative networks emerged as agents of positive change. And in a fitting conclusion, Juan Atkins, a techno pioneer, reflected on the supportive community that birthed a global movement.

As IMS Co-Founder Ben Turner aptly summarised, the fifteenth edition of IMS Ibiza was a testament to the collective effort of delegates, speakers, and partners. The theme of rebuilding the community resonated deeply, igniting conversations that will continue to shape the industry’s trajectory.

Turner’s closing words echoed a call to action: to carry the spirit of the community forward, nurture emerging talent, and champion those who enrich the cultural tapestry of electronic music. 

IMS Ibiza 2024
IMS Co-Founder Ben Turner seals another incredible year with an inspiring speech | Image Credit: Facundo Badini

IMS Ibiza 2024 was a reminder of the industry’s transformative potential and a catalyst for meaningful change.

In Turner’s words, “We’re all so lucky to be part of an industry with the potential to really change lives.” Let IMS Ibiza 2024 serve as a beacon of inspiration, and may it propel us towards a future defined by unity, innovation, and inclusivity. Here’s to IMS Ibiza 2025 and the continued evolution of our shared musical landscape.


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