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Insights from Day One of IMS Ibiza 2024: A Recap of Learning and Community Rebuilding

IMS Ibiza 2024
The outdoor summit stage at IMS Ibiza 2024 / Credit: Tasya Menaker

The International Music Summit (IMS) Ibiza 2024 kicked off with a bustling atmosphere as delegates gathered in a packed indoor summit room at the Mondrian & Hyde resort in Cala Llonga. Hosted by industry stalwarts Pete Tong and Jaguar, the opening comments set the stage for a day filled with insightful discussions, business reports, and reflections on the state of the electronic music community.

One of the day's highlights was the presentation of the IMS Business Report, which highlighted a year of solid growth across various industry sectors. While not as dramatic as the post-COVID bounce-back in 2022, the report showcased a strong and steady surge in areas ranging from live events to publishing. However, it also underscored the need for continued efforts to ensure equal opportunity and appreciation within the community.

You can download a copy of the IMS Business Report 2024 here.

IMS Ibiza 2024
MiDIA Research's Mark Mulligan delivers the IMS Business Report 2024 / Credit: Hattie Scanlan

The overarching theme of IMS Ibiza 2024, "Rebuilding Our Community," permeated throughout the day's discussions. From the Brave Space sessions that fostered connections among delegates to keynote speeches emphasising the importance of purpose-driven initiatives, the event echoed a collective commitment to strengthening the bonds within the electronic music scene.

A pivotal discussion titled "Rebuilding Our Community: How To Bring Back Peace, Love, Unity + Respect" delved into lessons from the past, particularly the spirit of the acid house era, and explored how those principles could be applied to today's more corporate culture. Led by industry figures like DJ Pierre and agent Maria May, the panel highlighted the importance of nurturing inclusivity and camaraderie within the electronic music community.

IMS Ibiza 2024
DJ Pierre & Madame Gandhi delivered standout opinions on 'Rebuilding Our Community' / Credit: Juan Afanador

An exclusive interview by Pete Tong with Abel Matutes Prats, CEO of the Palladium Hotel Group, offered rare insights into the dynamics shaping Ibiza's nightlife and tourism landscape. From discussions on intense rivalries to the impact of rising costs on young people, the interview provided a behind-the-scenes look at the forces driving change on the island. Additionally, attendees received exciting news about the revamp and reopening of Ibiza's biggest club, Privilege, slated for 2025.

On the business front, Beatport shed light on the evolving landscape of streaming and the potential benefits and pitfalls for DJs and artists. Meanwhile, discussions on the future of artist deals and contracts provided valuable insights into how technological advancements and shifting industry norms reshape contractual agreements.

IMS Ibiza 2024
Chloé Caillet led the discussion in the Art Of Areté space / Credit: Tasya Menaker

In the Art Of Areté space, presented by AlphaTheta, the focus turned to wellness and mental health in the music industry. With sessions led by industry professionals like DJ Chloé Caillet, delegates gained valuable insights into the importance of self-care and sustainable practices amidst the demands of the industry.

Day One of IMS Ibiza 2024 offered a rich tapestry of insights, from business trends to cultural reflections, underscoring the collective commitment to rebuilding and strengthening the electronic music community. As the event progresses, attendees can look forward to further discussions and collaborations to foster a more inclusive and sustainable future for the industry.


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