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Artist Spotlight: COLOR.LOVE Unveils Stunning EP "Something Different" on Dumb Safari


COLOR.LOVE, the vibrant US artist, has joined the ranks of the Dumb Safari collective with an electrifying two-track house EP featuring a remix by Daniel Orpi. Renowned for her dynamic fusion of DJing, producing, and live performance, COLOR.LOVE boasts an impressive discography spanning Desert Hearts, Dirtybird, and Space Yacht.

In our recent interview, COLOR.LOVE shared insights into her journey into music, recalling her early days of self-teaching on turntables immediately after high school. "I saved up and bought myself turntables because I knew I wanted to become a DJ," she reminisced. "There was nothing else I liked more than music, so that's what I decided to pursue."

Her dedication eventually led her to residencies at top LA clubs like Exchange & Academy, where she graced the stage alongside notable DJs such as Benny Benassi and Nora En Pure. Reflecting on her residency experiences, COLOR.LOVE emphasized the importance of versatility and stage presence for successful resident DJs. "Being able to be versatile and really read the room, and a fun stage presence is important, I think," she remarked.

The EP's title track, "Something Different," delivers a deep, tribal-infused house experience characterized by rumbling basslines and intricate percussion. Daniel Orpi's remix elevates the tempo, crafting a frantic, pumping house workout. Completing the package, "Sweaty" delves into trippy hypnotism with warped synth lines and seductive vocals.

In discussing her latest release, COLOR.LOVE shed light on her inspiration behind "Something Different," citing her love for funky sub-bass and distinctive drums. "The lyrics are about inspiring guys to be more interesting when it comes to conversation," she revealed. "It's also about celebrating uniqueness and living life on my own terms."

COLOR.LOVE's collaboration with Huxley and the Dumb Safari imprint stemmed from a mutual appreciation for each other's work. "I met Huxley last year in Ibiza at a writing camp, and he was my favourite," she recounted. "We both share a mutual desire to collaborate with people we genuinely enjoy working with."

Balancing the demands of the music industry, COLOR.LOVE prioritizes mental health through meditation, nature walks, and exercise. "Meditating as much as I can, being in nature, and working out are all priorities in my daily life," she affirmed.

Looking ahead, COLOR.LOVE's aspirations for the year include gracing the stages of Ibiza, a goal she believes she's on the brink of achieving. Additionally, fans can anticipate a slew of new music, including EPs, singles, and a significant remix slated for release this summer. Stay tuned for more exhilarating sounds from this unstoppable force.



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