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Ocha Records Brings a Host of Talent Together for ‘One More Time’

Ocha Records welcomes in 2023 with the first of several sophisticated doses of quality underground house music. Renowned Chicago-based DJ/Producer Vick Lavender graces the label with a blissful Afro-Cuban, jazz-inspired cut ‘One More Time’, featuring the sublime vocals of Amma Whatt.

Released on 20th January, the package also comes complete with an interpretive mix from Ocha’s label boss and acclaimed DJ/Producer Casamena (Carlos Mena), whose trademark ‘Living Room’ spin gives its predecessor’s jazz and bossa nova flavours a new soulful house identity.

Vick Lavender’s ‘One More Time’ feat. Amma Whatt (incl. Casamena and instrumental remixes) is available to buy/stream here:


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