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Label Lounge: Underground Tech Delights With Will Taylor (UK) and FREAK

London-based DJ/Producer Will Taylor has risen to global prominence in the past two decades, transitioning from a local nightlife enthusiast to an internationally touring artist and label owner. His success is a testament to his unwavering work ethic and boundless creativity, evident in his vocal-driven peak-time grooves. With a distinct sound cultivated through extensive experience in all facets of the party spectrum, from warmup sets to show closings, Will has performed at renowned venues such as Amnesia Ibiza, fabric, and Studio 338 alongside industry heavyweights like Skream and Solardo. 

In the studio, he contributes to respected imprints like Saved, Sola, and elrow Music, while his FREAK label serves as a platform for emerging talents, earning support from industry tastemakers like Jamie Jones and Marco Carola. As he readies an official remix with Mr. Vegas on Cr2 and embarks on tours in the United States, Australia, and South America, Will Taylor remains dedicated to solidifying his global artist status and elevating the acclaim of his FREAK label. Download/stream it here: 

The latest offering on Will’s FREAK imprint is a single from the man himself, titled ‘2NIGHT’; encapsulating the weighty, groove-ridden flavours that have seen Will’s DJ sets and previous productions hailed by many, ‘2NIGHT’ combines dusty percussive swing, hard-hitting drums, nostalgic soulful vocals and a hooking rhythmic sub-bass melody. 

To mark his latest release, we caught up with Will as he becomes our next Label Lounge guest: 

Thanks for joining us today. Where are you talking to us from, and what have you been up to over the last few weeks?

I’m currently up north in the UK, enjoying downtime with my wife and having a spa weekend! The last few weeks have been all about the music, and I’ve been flat out in the studio, ready to start touring this year! 


What can you tell us about your record label, FREAK?

FREAK is all about bringing new talent through for me cause I know it’s hard to get your music heard & it’s also a platform for me to release my own music! 


Who has released music on the label, and what artists would you like to sign music from in future?

Some stand-out artists for me have to be the Brazilians VIOT & Lucas Bahr, who have smashed it since starting out with my label. I’d love to have more artists like this that I spot huge talent in, and then they go on to sign with the biggest labels! 


What do you look for when curating releases for FREAK?

I actually only sign music that I would play out myself; that’s just the benefit of having your own label! 


What release on your FREAK has had the most significant impact and why?

I’d say it was Manney Martey - TAKE IT because this track hit 1M streams very quickly & ended up being taken on by Virgin Records, which was a big deal for him, and I’m glad I gave him that platform to reach a big major! 


What other labels are you currently enjoying and why?

ISSUES is a top-quality label and my good friend Detlef’s imprint. Hats off to SOSA, too. He’s smashed it with COCO! 

What is your favourite track ever released on FREAK and why?

It has to be BANG BANG, not because it’s the best, but because it’s the first one that started off this dream of FREAK!


What characteristics make a good label boss?

I’d say, personally, it’s about listening and signing because of the music and not just signing people because they get big numbers or have big followers! 


What advice do you have for other potential label bosses and aspiring artists?

Make an effort to meet them at shows & events; it’s always better to chat in person, and never know, you might get their private email to speed things up! 


Lastly, what can we expect from FREAK in the future?

I’m really trying to push the label further this year & want to get the events up and running monthly eventually, so I’m just building the perfect team for the future! & who knows, hopefully, an Ibiza residency in the future!

Will Taylor (UK) ‘2NIGHT’ is available to download/stream via FREAK: 

Will Taylor (UK)



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