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Label Lounge: Victor Ruiz Shares His Insights on VOLTA

Victor Ruiz

Victor Ruiz’s VOLTA imprint heads into 2024 in the same vein as it ended 2023, with an unrelenting flow of top-quality releases, the next from Brazilian power duo Wehbba and label boss Victor Ruiz.

Their infamous b2b at Warehouse Project in December 2022 was maybe a sign of things to come. After making music together for almost ten years without ever releasing anything, the duo finally found time in Lisbon to craft their first collaborative release, ‘Stand,’ which drops on VOLTA on 16th February. Pre-order/save it here

Ahead of the EP release this Friday, we’re delighted to welcome VOLTA frontman and longstanding techno stalwart Victor Ruiz to Undrtone as the next guest on our Label Lounge series. 

Hey Victor, welcome and thanks for joining us. Where are you talking to us from, and what have you been up to over the last few weeks?

Thanks for having me. I’m home in Lisbon at the moment, where I’ve spent most of January. I took a little break from touring this month, so lots of time in the studio working on some new projects and also spending time with my partner and close friends. Good times! :)


Tell us about VOLTA, the influence and vision behind it.

VOLTA is a platform to bring people together. I always had a bit of difficulty placing my music, and I know many new artists go through the same, so I thought there was an opportunity to create something special out of it. We have three main pillars: music, community and charity.

Music is the main one, of course. I really take my time curating and choosing the songs that I sign. I even help - when necessary - the artists with some direction if they’re open for the best final result.

With this interaction comes the community. VOLTA is a place where artists connect and exchange ideas and music and help each other grow. Many artists have collaborations between themselves already. It’s very organic and beautiful. 

The last part is maybe the most important: charity. We donate 10% of profits to organisations or causes that the artists choose. This part is quite special because it makes artists reflect and choose what kind of causes connect with them, and we get to spread joy and help all over.

What artists have released music on VOLTA, and what artists would you like to sign music from in future?

Besides myself we have Alex Stein, Wehbba, Christian Smith, Balthazar & Jackrock, Thomas Schumacher, Drunken Kong, Tao Andra, Tomas Otero, Lisa May, Ignacio Arfeli, HNGT, ANDATA, Nico Cabeza, Bruce Zalcer, Lutgens, Martin Kinrus.

For future EPs we have also Sama’ Abdulhadi, Mila Journeé, Giulia(IT), TimiR, Nicolas Taboada. 


Secretly, I’d love to have Maetrik released on the label. Maceo Plex would be amazing, but I just LOVE the vibes of Maetrik.

What do you look for when curating releases for VOLTA?

Authenticity, quality and being out of the box. The rest doesn’t really matter.

What release on VOLTA has had the most significant impact and why?

There were a few ones. ANDATA - Play Hard was our first top 1 on Beatport. Tao Andra - Gracias a la Vida had a MASSIVE repercussion in Argentina, and my track “Touch the Darkness” went really high on the charts and is still there. Many sweet moments and great rewards because, in the end, I’m releasing music I love and believe. 

What other labels are you currently enjoying and why?

Ninja Tunes has to be the one. I just love the musical direction and depth of what they release. Also really admire No Art for their events and artistic environment.


What is your favourite track ever released on VOLTA, and why?

I love them all; I don’t have a favourite. I must say I’m very proud of the whole catalogue of songs we have on VOLTA. Take a look. :)


What characteristics make a good label boss?

Not being a boss but a friend, a motivator to give and to listen. I’m not doing this to be a “boss”; I just want to help other artists showcase their amazing music and give them a place in this scene. It’s all about generating opportunities for others and being grateful while having a clear direction and a vision.

What advice do you have for other potential label bosses and aspiring artists?

Know what you want and never compromise on the music because of stupid reasons. I created VOLTA because I was mistreated by many labels, and there were too many “games” that we had to play in order to be able to have a release. Remember: we’re doing this for the music, and this should be the only criterion.

Lastly, what can we expect from your label in the coming months?

Lots of good music and some events we’re gonna throw around the world. Keep an eye on us; you won’t regret it. ❤️

Victor Ruiz & Wehbba’s ‘Stand’ is available from 16th February on VOLTA.



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