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Josh Gregg Launches Experiential Label Project: Poles Apart

Josh Gregg

Josh Gregg, a seasoned DJ and producer with a penchant for long-form club culture, is embarking on a new musical journey with the launch of his solo imprint, Poles Apart. This bold endeavour started with releasing his highly anticipated single, "Connection," earlier this month. Gregg's vision for Poles Apart is not just a label but a platform, a home for the diverse sounds that define his musical palette. Download/stream the first release here:

Exploring the Vision:

In a candid statement, Josh shares his inspiration behind Poles Apart, describing it as an ode to his love for extended mixes, experimental productions, and DJs who push the boundaries of genre. With "Connection," he aims to showcase the label's ethos of embracing diversity while maintaining cohesion, which is evident in the track's fusion of futurism, vintage drum sounds, and haunting vocals.

Music as a Bridge:

For Josh, music is more than just a creative outlet; it's a medium for fostering connections. Through "Connection," he reflects on the role of rhythm in setting the mood for life and the sense of community cultivated on dancefloors—a theme central to both the release and the label's overarching philosophy.

Balancing Artistic Exploration:

Navigating between artistic exploration and maintaining a core identity is a challenge Josh embraces. He shares insights into his production process, emphasising the importance of following creative sparks while staying true to oneself—a principle is evident in "Connection" and indicates Poles Apart's commitment to showcasing eclecticism as a strength.

Genre Fluidity in Modern Music:

With "Connection" blurring genre boundaries, Josh discusses his approach to genre creatively, drawing from his DJ background to blend sounds based on mood and energy rather than strict classifications. He reflects on the evolving landscape of music consumption, where experimentation thrives despite pressures to conform to industry norms.

Paving the Way for New Talent:

While Poles Apart serves as Josh's narrative, he acknowledges the potential for future collaborations. However, his primary focus remains curating a body of work that reflects his musical journey—a testament to his commitment to authenticity and creative autonomy.

Adapting to Industry Shifts:

In an era dominated by streaming and social media, Josh acknowledges the challenges of navigating the digital landscape while preserving the storytelling aspect of music. Through Poles Apart, he aims to reclaim control over his narrative, offering audiences a deeper connection to his artistry beyond fleeting trends.

Looking Ahead:

As Josh envisions the future of electronic music, he predicts a rise in artist independence and meaningful connections with audiences. Poles Apart's DIY ethos is poised to inspire others to share their stories, contributing to the industry's evolution.

Josh leaves us with a glimpse of his creative vision through "Walk Your Way," a track that encapsulates the essence of Poles Apart—an authentic expression of his artistry, from production to design.

Through Poles Apart, Josh Gregg invites us on a sonic journey—a testament to the power of music to transcend boundaries, forge connections, and shape cultural landscapes. As the inaugural release approaches, the stage is set for a new chapter in electronic music that celebrates diversity, authenticity, and the relentless pursuit of creative expression.


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