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Hot Picks: Yorkshireman Taim Takes Us on a Melodic Journey


In today’s Hot Picks we shine a light on the UK, Yorkshire-born talent, Taim. Known for his expertly produced club-ready tracks with melodic toplines, Taim has been a regular on the house and bass scene since his debut track ‘First Time’ on Get Twisted Records in 2015. 


The charismatic DJ and producer has an impressive discography on heavyweight labels and channels such as Columbia, Circus and UKF. Taim’s biggest tracks to date include ‘If You Need’ with ALYSS on Confession and the huge ‘What Did You Say’ released via Thrive.


It’s been almost 18 months since that last release so it’s an exciting time to have Taim back in the game again with the explosive house cut ‘Insane’ with Stephani B, marking his debut on London indie, Perfect Havoc. Download/Stream it here:

Taim & Stephani B - Insane

This one from myself is a high-energy fusion of deep basslines, infectious rhythms, and a really hypnotic vocal hook - an electrifying dancefloor anthem with a dark and edgy atmosphere.

Kream & Marlo Remix - Blur

This is a vibrant and infectious ethereal banger, it’s got pulsating beats, catchy vocal chops, and shimmering synths, creating an exhilarating atmosphere perfect for relaxing or in the club.

Gorgon City - Lost Feelings

This is a dynamically layered track with beautiful vocals and emotional chords that seamlessly blends melodies with and epic baseline and brass, evoking a sense of emotional longing and introspection.

John Summit & Hannah Boleyn - Show Me

This is a dynamic tech house banger with a driving bassline, heartfelt vocals and euphoric builds, delivering an irresistible groove that commands the dance floor.

Tobiahs - Lifetime

This is a soulful and introspective ballad with high energy, featuring lush instrumentation, emotive vocals and heartfelt lyrics that weave together to create a poignant and uplifting musical journey.

Overmono - So U Know

This is a propulsive track characterised by its intricate percussion, resonating vocals, hypnotic synth patterns and spine-tingling pads, creating an immersive sonic experience that captivates you from start to finish.

Tinlicker - All That I Lost

A melodic progressive house masterpiece, intertwining haunting vocals, a weighty arp bassline and euphoric synth melodies that summons a deep feeling of yearning and self-reflection.

Eli Brown - Siege, Loveles - Pulling Me Back

This track is tech house roller with pure power. Its infectious pluck intertwines with enchanting vocal samples, pulling you into a rhythmic vortex of irresistible allure.

Will Easton - Apex

An electrifying techno journey, characterised by its progressive chords, driving rhythms and euphoric synths, reaching the pinnacle of a dancefloor euphoria.




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