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Hot Picks: The Archer sheds some light on his musical influences

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

The Archer has built a reputation for his encyclopedic musical knowledge which spills over into his colourfully captivating music productions and performances where he keeps crowds hypnotised at will.

The Archer returns to Octopus Recordings with the hypnotic anthem ‘Free Your Mind', the record oozes pulsating rhythms throughout combined with nostalgic 90s vocals which are capped off with The Archer's knack for intricate yet intelligent grooves set to hypnotise dancefloors this summer. It is out now on Octopus Recordings, buy/stream here.

He took time out of his schedule to sit down and shed some light on the music that has influenced him.

Gabe & Marco Strous - Snogo (Extended Mix) Marco Strous is an amazing producer and this is an example of a very groovy dark tech house production that stands out.

Yamil, Thimble - Real Love

I love a timeless sexy vocal track and this is a perfect example. Super clean production with a less is more approach and perfect arrangement. Simple elegant vocals that are just enough.

Kevin de Vries - Pegasus In the "wow how did he make this track category" I just want to give up producing it's that good :) Seriously, just a very mature dark melodic techno journey track that surprises and satisfies the listener with elite-level music.

Made By Pete & Zoe Kypri - Horizon Red

My favorite track of the year. Simple perfection. The vocals are as good as vocals get and it's just so smooth, silky, and groovy. Structure, sounds, arrangement, and groove are all next level.

Daniel Steinberg - Take My Hand I love soulful vocals with a dark beat and this track delivers on the dance floor.


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