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Hot Picks: Teddy Wong Shares a Selection of Well-Seasoned Heaters

Hailing from Los Angeles and shaped by the vibrant sounds of Mexicali, Teddy Wong has been impressing over recent years, with his productions earning recognition from BBC Radio 1’s Danny Howard and Annie Mac. After a successful label debut last year in collaboration with Andre Salmon and Jorge Andrade, November now welcomes a second outing on Jamie Jones and Lee Foss’ Hot Creations for Wong, as he takes full control with his three-track EP, 'Mueve Los Dos Pies’:

Ahead of his upcoming release, we invited Teddy to join us as he provides an impressive array of cuts in this Hot Picks feature:

Manik - Parasol feat. Jeremy Glenn (Climbers Remix)

This remix is a masterpiece; the bass line is too good, and all the ear candy that you hear throughout the song works in perfect harmony with the vocals.

It's such a fantastic track.

Jesusdapnk, Currents - Rolling Deep

Gangsta House right here, Jackin drums, and groovy bass make this track one of my favorites to drop on my sets

DJ Sneak, Demuir - Good Ol Days (feat. DJ Sneak)

Hypnotic beats by the house music legends. I love the groove and simplicity of this track, all about the groove, all about the vibes.

Junior Sanchez - Dreams

I love the feeling you get when you listen to this track.

This is the perfect track to close a set with vocals like "Making our dreams come true." You close the night with a powerful message.

KinAhau - Turned Turk

Jazzy vibes with some dirty beats; you have to love the creative approach on this track, vibes all the way.

KC Wray - Say Say

I love the sample manipulation of the vocal on this track; the bass and Jackin drums make this track perfect for the dance floor.

Patrick Topping - Forget

What can I say about this track? That bass is super hypnotic, with groovy simple drums and a fantastic vocal.

Paul Najera, Boys don't disco - Tinker

The percussions on this track are on point, and the vocal is a nice touch; many creative people can relate to this track.

The Toxic Avenger - Escape (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)

Okay, so this track changed my life. I remember listening to it with one of my friends, and my first reaction was, "What is this sound?" It is one of my favorite electro tracks.

Lee Foss - Happen For a Reason

I remember when Jay from Climbers (before Climbers even existed) started to play this track at the after-parties; it was so different from everything that I was listening to at that time.

The slow BPM, the groovy bass, the sexy vocals, the synths, everything about this song is amazing.

Teddy Wong ‘Mueve Los Dos Pies’ drops via Hot Creations on 10th November 2023.

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