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Hot Picks: Mexico's Carbajal Drops Some Serious Grooves


Today, we shine the spotlight on Carbajal, a rising star who's been making waves across Mexico City's underground nightlife scene and beyond. From igniting the dance floors of the city's most clandestine clubs to electrifying the vibrant Cactus Beach Club at the Blue Monday party, Carbajal has swiftly captivated audiences with his infectious groove and irresistible party anthems.

But that's not all - Carbajal recently dropped an exhilarating debut on Jamie Jones' Paradise Music, marking a significant milestone in his burgeoning career. Already generating buzz thanks to the help of early plays at Circoloco Barcelona during The Martinez Brothers' b2b set with Seth Troxler, 'Nunu' is a hip-shaking sensation that'll leave listeners craving more. Download/Stream it here

We welcome Carbajal as he joins us with our latest Hot Picks feature. Sit back, get locked in, and enjoy some of his favourite tracks below. 

Blackchild (ITA) - Jazz Ensemble

My favourite thing to start a set with. Those jazz trumpets give it a magical feel like you're about to dive into something epic. It's basically my cue that the party's about to take off, you know? Pure groove!"

Nu & Joke - Who Loves The Sun (Rafa Barrios Edit)

Another one of my favourites. I drop it right in the middle of the session, and I love to see people react when they recognise the track. But what really drives people crazy is when they realise that it's an edit full of energy. The look of surprise on their faces is priceless, especially as they don't expect such a powerful touch in the middle of a tech house!

Rich NxT - Serious

When I want to mark the beginning of the after, this track is my ace up my sleeve. The basslines and groove are so intense that it's like a signal to everyone: the after has started and there's no time to stop, it's pure energy that takes you on a never ending journey. It's pure energy that takes you on a never-ending journey - it's my way of making sure the party has no limits!

wAFF - Colours

This track has two magical things: the groove and that vocal that sounds like a melody. These two elements make it one of my favourites for taking the audience to another level during a set. The groove is infectious, and the vocals add a melodic layer that elevates the experience. It's the kind of track that makes people fly with the music as they enjoy the set. 

Marcellus, Hart & Neenan, Floortje - Trouble (Max Chapman Remix)

This is one of my favourites. His sound is full of energy with that minimal deep tech groove. It always puts me in a good mood and makes me want to dance. Perfect for those sunsets on a beach in the Mexican Caribbean.

Miguelle, Tons & Betomonte - Un Poquito

'Un Poquito' just gets me going every time I listen to it. The horns, that groove and the rhymes that accompany the track are simply pure life; I love it! It's the kind of music that lifts your mood and makes you feel good at any time.

Blaze - Lovelee Dae

This track has a very special meaning for me. From the first time I heard it in a Hot Since 82 set, it really caught my attention because of that pure house sound. Besides being a classic, I remember when I first started practising to be a DJ, I loved to play this track. To this day, every now and then, I like to close with this track. It takes me back to my beginnings and always evokes an emotional feeling. 

Space Jams - What Have You Done For Me Lately [TMB Mix]

Another one of my favourite edits to get the party started with a bang. I love that feeling it gives off, clearly indicating that the party has started. It's like a shot of excitement that puts everyone in celebration mode. 

AJ Christou - No Fear

I love this one, especially the bass line that just makes you want to dance. The vibe of that bass is infectious and manages to create a direct connection with the beat. It's the kind of track that leaves no room for stillness; it just invites you to move!

Mendo - La Krika 2023

I simply love this classic and even more with this new version. I love the impact it creates on the dancefloor; it has definitely become my favourite of 2023.



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