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Hot Picks: Cristina Lazic selects some of her favourite tracks

Born in Milan and raised in London, Cristina Lazic started playing the piano when she was six and grew up composing music. Emerging into the spotlight only four years ago, Cristina has performed at iconic clubs and festivals around the world. She also caught the attention of Pioneer DJ Italy, who chose her as an ambassador and example for aspiring female DJs.

Her releases can be found on Bondage Music, Creature Records and Rebellion. Part of, the world leading community of women in the music industry, she leads the parenthood committee’s efforts to safeguard the interest of artists with kids.

Cristina's latest release 'Burning' is an impressive three-track EP on Crosstown Rebels' Rebellion imprint. Talking about the release, Cristina explains: “Burning is an EP that will accompany people in a variety of situations - from introspective journeys in moments of reflection, to social gatherings with friends and all the way to the dance floor. It consists of three tracks that contain a mix of minimal sounds with groovy bass, with female / male catchy vocals and unique elements full of surprises.”

Delving further into the creation of the EP she reveals: “In Mirror I was inspired to include a guitar tone after listening to the great track “Taff” by Leonidas and Traumer; Jazzy Feeling is the result of an effort to combine minimal with funk and jazz music. Finally, with the lead track Burning I wanted to obtain a happy dance floor sound to make people dance, including unexpected elements, like seventh chords.”

To celebrate the upcoming release of Cristina's latest body of work, we asked to dive into our Hot Picks series and share a collection of some of her favourite cuts:

Distilled Noise - Prima Del Mattino [STRYD007]

Distilled noise is an emerging producer from Italy, on the edge of international success along the rominimal scene who has been able to build a strong community via YouTube, Facebook and Telegram by giving minimal house production tips. Prima del mattino is the typical example of his groovy sounds mixed with original instruments like guitars.

Sam Ruffillo - Danza Organica (Musumeci Remix)

A great remix by Musumeci of Sam Ruffillo’s Danza Organiza, a track that reincarnates Italo house and makes us all Italian proud!

Cristina Lazic feat Shar - Mirror (Rebellion)

A sensual housey track featuring the beautiful voice of Sharon, Mirror is a track of introspective exploration. While producing it, I wanted to musically depict the story of a fierce woman who looks at herself in the mirror and is ready to move on after a complicated relationship, on a journey to happiness and accomplishment that breaks barriers from a difficult past. This track is inspired by Leonidas CH and Traumer’s track “Taff”.

Mancini - Don't Know (NTFO remix) (HDZ13)

A beautiful remix of Don’t know by Mancini, from the well respected Romanian producers NTFO. HedZup is a rising label from Paris, owned by Wlad and Mancini.

Majhu - Dusk (ICS Remix) [NIE010]

Total minimal grooves on this remix of Dusk my Majhu, provided by ICS. Check out the works of both Majhu and ICS, totally recommend.

Lukea – Zirconiu [Bohrium Records]

Lucas Morello aka Lukea has produced a true gem, recently out on a beautiful white vinyl, from Spanish imprint Bohrium Records. This track is a mix of minimal and progressive sounds, I love it.

Cristina Lazic - Burning (Rebellion)

The lead track of Burning EP by myself - a groovy dance floor tune, aiming to make people dance, with unexpected elements like seventh chords.

Traumer - Mouth

The one and only Traumer comes back with a release of Mouth, a track he had been testing for a while with huge success (check his social media accounts to watch), together with another banger, Express (and remixes). Obviously out on Gettraum records, on Bandcamp.

David Belmont, Edu Saiz - Nothing Control

Out on BNN records, this sick tune by David Belmomt and Edu Saiz will definitely make people dance in any sort of situation! Love the vocals.

Pornbugs - Limon (Mihai Popoviciu Remix) [BRISE150]

The two founders of successful German label Bondage, Pornbugs, are often collaborating with Mihai Popoviciu. Their latest release on Brise features a remix by Popoviciu on the track Limon, a total pleasure for the ears.

Cristina Lazic - Jazzy Feeling (Rebellion)

Another track from my Burning EP on Rebellion. This is the result of an effort to combine minimal with funk and jazz music. To produce it, I got inspired by Jazz Fusic by Chris Lattner & Enzo Siragusa.

Cristina Lazic's 'Burning' EP is out on 25th March 2022 on Rebellion.


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