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Hot Picks: Belgrade's mnbv Shares Some Absolute Gems


Following the release of Gulou Home Studio’s ‘Satellite’ EP earlier in the year, GHS’ Aida Minibaeva (mnbv) returns to Andrew Meller’s REWLER Records imprint for her solo debut on the label with an impressive four-track offering titled ‘Your Touch’. Buy/stream it here:

To mark the release of her latest work, we asked mnbv to join us as she delivers a fantastic selection of tracks for her Hot Picks entry:

mnbv – Too Hot

This is my favourite track on my newest EP on REWLER Records. It’s quite energetic and makes me dance whenever I listen to it.

Kiki – Hallusa

Stumbled upon this song from Bpitch Records while digging. Love how mesmerizing it is; I could listen to it on repeat.

Skinnerbox – Gender

Very interesting release on Turbo Recordings; the vocal sample and the tribal drums just get me!

DJ Haus - Catch Your Breath (Coco Bryce Remix)

None of my sets go without a couple of breakbeat tracks, so this one from Unknown To The Unknown would be just fine dropping it in the middle of the set to change the mood a bit.

Lubelski – Feel Good

Lubelski is one of my favourite producers ever. His baselines are to die for! All the elements in his tracks are always very tight and groovy, just like this release on Observatory Music.

Miguel Lobo – Lemme Freak

Like Miguel Lobo’s work for his very deep and techy groove, that kind of keeps you in anticipation. This track from Roush Label is a great example of that.

Harvy Valencia – Wurdem

This track from Harvibal is in my top 3 favourite tracks of all time. I can’t even count how many times I have played it. It is a pure raw groove.

Sebastian Eric – Dancing Creatures

I have a lot of tracks from this producer, but this one, in particular, I included in my sets many times. It has a very interesting, catchy and dark groove, with a lot of attention to detail. It came out on Ulfelde Records.

Benjamin Fröhlich - Amos (Lauer Remix)

Love to throw this track released on Permanent Vacation somewhere at the end; it is very musical and, in a way, happy and sad, which is exactly how I feel when coming to the end of my set.

Richy Ahmed - Italo 80

To finish up my hot picks, I chose this indie dance track from Richy Ahmed’s released FourThirtyTwo. He has great stuff, and I love this one because of its retro vibe.

Buy/stream mnbv's "Your Touch" EP here:

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