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Hot Picks: Andre Salmon Serves Up a Selection of Cultured Cuts

Home to stand-out collaborations such as Todd Terry and Riva Starr's recent 'This Is The Sound' through to classics such as Jamie Jones and The Martinez Brothers' 'Bappi', Hot Creations has always been a platform and label pairing unique and exciting artist combinations with impressive results. Closing July, the label now invites a stacked selection of artists for a big collaborative release as label signee Andre Salmon returns for his second release on the imprint and combines with Orlando's Michael Joseph and Barcelona's Lexlay for their four-track 'Momii' EP - featuring Figio, Francis Davila and Cami Jones. You can buy/stream it here:

To celebrate this milestone label release, we asked Andre Salmon to share an inspired list of some of his favourite records as he serves up his own Hot Picks selection:

Modjo' Lady'

This song reminds me of many good memories of when I was younger and some really great moments.

Dirty Vegas' Days Go By'

Another huge 'theme song' for my life, it has constantly inspired me forever!

Dusty Kid 'The Cat' (Crookers Remix)

This is one of those songs that I used to listen to every day. Again, this track inspired me a lot when I was younger.

Beastie Boys' Intergalactic'

This song reminds me of when I was young and used to spend all day with my skateboard exploring and discovering.

Chemical Brothers' Get Yourself High'

A masterpiece, this track makes me move and dance immediately.

Seth Troxler' Evangelion'

This record makes me wanna go to a techno nightclub immediately. Another masterpiece in my eyes.

Howling 'Signs' (Rodhad Remix)

This track has been a part of my life through a lot of moments. I used to play it when I met my wife and have essentially lived with it ever since!

Massive Attack 'Angel'

This is one of my wife's favourite songs ever and one of mine, too. We combined our hearts after we knew we both loved this record!

Archive 'Again'

My wife actually showed me this song, and I fell in love with it straight away.

Robert Hood 'Minus'

I still play this insane minimal song all the time. Me and my whole family love it! My wife and I used to play when we were just friends.

Andre Salmon

Hot Creations


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