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Cosmic Boys & Matteo Vitanza drop new techno single ‘Midnight’

Cosmic Boys & Matteo Vitanza
Cosmic Boys & Matteo Vitanza

Cosmic Boys are back on their record label Legend with a pounding new techno single that's been made in collaboration with Matteo Vitanza.

Based in France, Cosmic Boys are a techno duo known for their fusion of thundering percussion and awe-inspiring synth lines. Their dark and driving style has been released on prestigious record labels ranging from Adam Beyer's Drumcode to Monika Kruse’s Terminal M. They have also done official remixes of iconic tracks such as Energy 52's "Cafe Del Mar".

Legend is the Cosmic Boys' own imprint, and it's a regular outlet for their music, but it has also signed tracks by other influential artists including the likes of T78, Torsten Kanzler, Space 92 and AKKI (DE).

Matteo Vitanza is an artist who has previously released solo music via Legend, but this time he returns with a track made in collaboration with the Cosmic Boys. Based in Italy, Matteo Vitanza has been turning heads with his intense sound that blends pounding drums with tension building synths. He has also collaborated on music with the likes of UMEK and released tracks on other labels including Ramon Tapia's Say What?, Spartaque's Codex Recordings and Spektre's Respekt Recordings.

"Midnight" is the solo track on this release, and after a suspense-building breakdown with broken rhythms and dystopian atmospherics, it launches into the main groove with a 4/4 kick drum pattern. Its pulsating bassline and ethereal vocals are joined by sparse acid stabs, as it builds towards the spine-tingling tranquillity of the breakdown, before the brutal percussion slams back in to lift the track up a gear.

Buy the release HERE.


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