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Boom Merchant drops dark and driving techno EP, “Free Dinner”

Boom Merchant
Boom Merchant

Boom Merchant is an Irish techno artist who is back on T78's record label Autektone Dark with a new EP titled Free Dinner. It’s a driving three-track EP with dark atmosphere and raw percussion sequenced into peak-time grooves that are ready to take the dance floor by storm.


This is the second time that Boom Merchant has featured on Autektone Dark, and the release has already received DJ support by people ranging from big room icons such as Teenage Mutants to underground legends such as H. Paul.


Picnic” is the first of the three tracks on the EP, and it’s a trippy cut with brutal drum rhythms layered over a warping bassline and thickset kickdrum. “Free Dinner” is second, and its booming kick and rumbling bassline lay a foundation for the tension of rising synths, plus there’s a quirky vocal sample for the track’s main focal point. “Drop” ends the release with a hulking bassline that fills the track with brooding intensity, while the drums and hypnotic vocal loop deliver the knockout punch.


Get a copy from HERE.


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