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Woolfy & Love Athletics release "Making It Right" ft. Prins Thomas, Ilya Santana and Boy's Shorts with the remixes.

Record Sounds Like: Goth meets New Wave Disco. New Order (if Ian Curtis didn't die), Depeche Mode, Art Department, The Killers..

Woolfy & Love Athletics join forces to produce one of the most epic Indie Dance / Disco tracks we have heard this year. Incredible vocals and a track that pulls you right in are joined with probably the strongest remix lineup you could muster for this kind of music!

Prins Thomas brings what you would expect from the Nordic meistro, taking the original down an ever so slightly more dancefloor friendly path, and meshing with the vocal just so perfectly, whilst Ilya Santana, adds in a bit of 80s influence a little touch of Italo to give his remixes a certain shine.

For us though the sleeper hit on this is the Boys' Shorts remix. Still keeping what makes the original special but also making an absolutely solid version - lets go!


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