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Toronto-based Darren Marshall drops 'Lit The Wick' on Groovphoria Records

Following an impressive showing on Scott Diaz’s ‘Rock Like’ EP, Toronto’s Darren Marshall returns to Groovphoria for his solo debut with an invigorating four-tracker loaded with authentic house flavours from start to finish.

The title cut ‘Lit The Wick’ kicks things off with punchy drum work and shuffled hat grooves complemented by a sea of brass, keys and tonal accents, bringing sophisticatedly funky NYC-style vibes to match its subtle vocal sampling - delivering endless danceability.

‘Come On Home’ follows, bringing more swinging rhythms and deepened tones, accented by jazzy riffs and offbeat synth stabs. This fusion of house and lounge jazz isn’t just elegant; it’s undeniably absorbing and will have you on your feet from the outset.

‘The Kids Dig It’ turns in more loosened vibes, opting for thickened undulating drums and a firm underbelly of rich sub-bass notes that complement an airy top layer of soulful synthesised goodness.

‘Tell Me’ rounds off the release with another delightfully captivating portion of grossly enriching house music flavours. Revolving around a nostalgic vocal layer that keeps you firmly rooted in the track’s unrelenting groove, its dreamy tide of crisp beats and mellow disco-inspired tones envelop you with ease.

Darren Marshall’s ‘Lit The Wick’ EP is available now via Groovphoria Records:

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