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Status Zero drops ‘Alien 303’ and Announces New Album ‘Aliens & Flowers’

The shackles are off for Israeli native Status Zero, as he unveils a new sound with ‘alien 303’, the first single from newly announced album ‘aliens & Flowers’. Choosing to let go of perfection and not be constrained by boundaries, Status Zero has worked hard through a period of reflection to hone a new aesthetic that is free of preconceptions, rules and expectations, using only his hardware and expression to craft his new vision as an artist. ‘alien 303’ is the exciting first product of that shift in mentality, and will have fans excited to hear more.

alien 303’ kicks off with a hypnotic acid line that evolves in the opening stages before dropping to a heavy kick and bassline combination. The acid pattern swiftly returns to add to the tracks already driving nature. The key theme of the track here is evolution. Another melody is added to accompany the existing musicality, but ‘Alien 303’’s strength lies in its sparsity, with minimal elements used to maximum effect. The breakdown utilizes clever use of LFO to create space for the extraterrestrial vocal to shine, ensuring the track is as out of this world as the name suggests.

On ‘alien 303’, Status Zero said: "I want the listeners and future fans to appreciate the historical impact of the tb 303 on the music we love today, from Aphex Twin to Tame Impala, the sound of 303 was always there to take us to a whole different musical dimension"

alien 303’ is only the start of this new chapter for Status Zero, and if this first single is anything to go by, there is plenty more to come that will ensure he propels himself into the stratosphere with his new music and build anticipation for his forthcoming album.

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