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RNBWS drop "Finest Gear" on RFR Records

Due to a “military special operation“ RNBWS was forced to turn his back on his adopted home Moscow for now and found a new home in Istanbul. The puls of this vibrant metropole at the Bosporus provided the creative energy for RFR 024.

“Finest Gear“? Hell yeah! This track is for all of those, who are grinding Diablo 4 hardcore at the moment and need an additional motivation boost. Stomping techno, Psytrance and Goa elements are the vital items for this build, which is 100% suitable for endgame.

“Freedom is A Choice“ should pull every UK hardcore lover’s grin up to their temples. Oldschool breakbeats straight outta the warehouse, dusty and and dry as a bone, refined with a Prodigy melody, that Liam Howlett could not have composed any better. Absolutely massive track here!

We stay in the Oldschool. “LXTC“ pays homage to genre defining artist of the 80s and 90s. Whoever’s got shivers running down their spine whilst thinking of Drexciya, Egyptian Lover or Cybonix – you came to the right place. A masterfully crafted piece of Electro.

As it befits, everything is getting “Out Of Control“ at the end. RNBWS’s definition of Ghetto Tech hands it on a plate and leaves us hungry for what we can expect from him in the future. This might be his strongest EP until to date.



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