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Rhom Omit's "The Land Of Unlimited Impossibilities" Lands On Analog Solutions

German producer and DJ Rhom Omit showcases his sound once more, closing out the summer proceedings with four innovative cuts and a tasteful remix from Johannes Volk on the sought after Analogue Solutions label. Intricately designed minimal techno tracks for the tastemakers, triggering your thoughts to wander into the hazy hours of the night, fuelled by spaced out textures. This is the “The Land Of Unlimited Possibilities EP”.

The opening track “Flying Saucers” sees the Serialism Records affiliate transcend you into another world, pensive drums simmer throughout, allowing trippy synths and pads to wander around the heart of the track. “Tomorrow Is Yesterday” is layered with eccentric tones, hypnotic and gripping from beginning to end, another exploration stretching the mind of its audience. The Johannes Volk remix equally packs a punch, driven sounds from the fellow German, adding a fresh take, helping make this a well rounded release. From the get go “Keep Calm” is constructed upon quirky sounds, and mechanical movements, almost tripping over itself before finding an irresistible groove keeping the forward motion intact. The final track “Mango Noir” is a beautiful excursion with depth and emotion, leaning in a techno direction but maintains an ethereal energy, an inspiring body of music that will keep you moving.

Over the years Rhom Omit has dedicated his energy to developing musically, beginning in Dortmund before a long stint in China which saw him flourish even further as an artist, and now takes these various influences and experiences back to Europe with him. Always looking to challenge himself, exploring new territory in terms of his sound, and “The Land Of Unlimited Possibilities EP” sees him do exactly that.


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