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REOSC Is Next Up On Hybrasil’s Elevator Program Label - "The Universe Speaks Techno"

Elevator Program regular and community manager REOSC conjures up his next body of work on the label with “The Universe Speaks Techno”. The Irishman takes us on a meandering trip through various shades of his techno artillery, spread out across four innovative tracks for the peak hours of the night.

In recent years REOSC has come into his own with a handful of acclaimed releases including his debut album “Reosc!llate” which was received with open arms, as well as his EP “Here & Now”. Paying testament to these releases was his nod of approval from DJ Mag as he featured in their Bubblers series, one to watch for the future. As well as honing his craft as a turntable wizard, REOSC has also founded the Ireland based 3MMM (Music Machines Masters) opening doors and giving a platform to up and coming artists in his native country.

Title track “The Universe Speaks Techno” is pulsating from the heart, driven by an enormous kick, leaning towards the industrial direction. Following in line is “The Cut” , further enormous energy for trained ears looking to transcend the dance floor to new states of mind. Next up is “Leprechaun Funk”, a six minute trip traversing between distinct, and gloomy atmospheres moving mechanically from the get go. Last but not least is “Stripes”. REOSC creates an elasticated kick and clap combination, ready to stretch the mind of the listener, pushing the energy of the club to uncharted territory.

The Elevator and REOSC love story continues with this four tracker, with REOSC exploring deeper and darker energy in this release. An EP built for the warehouses and industrial settings from a producer consistently on the rise.

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