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Premiere: Yogi P - Tarantism [Bandcamp]

Ross Powell better known under the moniker Yogi P is fast building a reputation as a trailblazer within underground house music. He has become known for carving out his own path, whether it be applying his yoga methods to develop himself musically or the launching of his festival Into The Woods deep in the Herefordshire woodlands. One thing is certain Yogi P isn’t afraid to go against the grain and do things differently.

Hot off the back of releases on renowned imprints Rawsome Deep, Ovrdose Deep, Metafloor Records and Surge Recordings, Yogi P brings us his debut artist album titled ‘Rapture’, independently released on Bandcamp.

The album consists of 10-tracks made in the last twelve months, crafted with care. Yogi P gives us an insight into his life influences from the video game 'Ghost Of Tsushima’ to the TV series 'Final Space’ all while effortlessly melding this together with his love for dance music.

“Music, movement and breath is what brings us closer to who we really are and connects us to our inner self, gaining control over our emotions, reactions and ultimately, our lives.” - Yogi P

'Rapture' by Yogi P is available to download now exclusively on Bandcamp.


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