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Premiere: Toni Varga - Freedom [Origins Rcrds]

Toni Varga facing the camera on a white background

Josh Butler and Origins Rcrds are proud to announce the first full release from Toni Varga on the label with the Spaniard's newest EP, "Just Be".

With a career spanning over a decade, Toni Varga has played at some of the world's most iconic music festivals and released on esteemed labels such as Elrow, Avotre, Moan, TBX Records and Origins. His style is warm and grooving Tech House, which has earned him a dedicated following among music lovers worldwide.

The EP "Just Be" boasts two irresistible tracks - "Just Be" and "Freedom". The title track, "Just Be," exudes a bouncing, energetic, and warm aura that guarantees to get the crowd moving on the dance floor. With vocal cuts that add a rich layer of depth and texture to the song, "Just Be" beautifully showcases Toni Varga's ability to create catchy yet emotionally evocative music.

On the other hand, "Freedom" presents Toni Varga's versatility as a producer with its low-slung, deep, and sensual vibe. This track flawlessly combines a hypnotic bassline and smooth percussion to create a groovy and expressive sound that will resonate with listeners long after the track has ended. "Freedom" is a true testament to Toni Varga's ability to craft captivating and stirring music.

Toni Varga is a genuinely gifted producer, and his "Just Be" EP is a testament to his distinct style and exceptional ability to create music that seamlessly blends emotion and energy, leaving a lasting impact on listeners. Josh Butler takes great pride in having Toni Varga on the label.

Toni Varga's 'Just Be' EP is available now via Origins Rcrds.

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