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Premiere: Robots With No Soul - Gintare [Kneaded Pains]

Hailing from the bustling musical city of Bristol, Robots With No Soul has been channelling a deeper and more considered techno sound across a full length album ‘Rose’ for Kneaded Pains, as well as a new single for Sasha’s Last Night On Earth imprint. On ‘Gintare’, he returns to Dense & Pika’s label with two spellbinding tracks.

Much like a sinister storm on the open sea, 'Gintare' comes with tidal peaks and troughs that are not only insatiable but completely unrelenting. The entire track is pattern of pushing extremes and contrasting calmness that blend in and out of each other seamlessly.

A raw and largely analogue number, it's a piece of music that undoubtedly showcases Robots With No Soul's innate ability to craft gripping and aggressively cathartic Techno cuts of a darker nature.

Robots With No Soul's 'Gintare' EP is released on Kneaded Pains on 11th February 2022.


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