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Premiere: Neverdogs - Pura Vida [Bamboleo Records]

Italian duo Neverdogs are two decades strong into their tenure within the global underground dance music scene. Renowned for their extended feel-good and uplifting sets, full of sensual tones, sultry atmospheres and upbeat House & Techno, Bamboleo Records frontmen Tommy Paone & Marco De Gregorio continue to set a precedent for cutting-edge avant-garde dance cuts.

Their latest offering also marks the twentieth body of work to land on their increasingly popular Bamboleo Records imprint, with the duo returning to their spiritual home to unveil an immersive four-track EP.

Beginning with the title track, ‘Feeling Something’ flies straight out of the gate with bumpy grooves and a catchy bassline whilst Magaziine’s hypnotic vocal topline steers the mix. ‘Hoover’ comes next, keeping the swinging underground flavours at a premium with more jackin’ drums, crisp percussive flair and gritty melodies from end to end. The on-trend sounds of ‘Tamarindo’ features velvety Deep House vibes with a wave of bright harmonies alongside sultry vocal shots and more well-structured & explicitly danceable drum work. ‘Pura Vida’ brings the release to a close with upbeat rhythms from the outset, carving out a perpetual subterranean wobbler with endless layers of individual movement and dreamy notes.

Neverdogs' 'Feeling Something' EP is out now on Bamboleo Records.


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