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Premiere: Mike Scot - BIWY [MicroHertz]

Archie Hamilton’s MicroHertz imprint delivers another top release this time by Dutch producer Mike Scot, who not only makes his debut on the label, he does it in style.

The Mea Culpa label boss has been delivering top releases for over a decade now, with a steady flow of release on respected house labels throughout the scene, Simma Black, Great Stuff and Purple Music. He now makes his debut of MicroHertz and delivers a slick and powerful EP where he has infused his funk and soulful flavours with a more raw and minimal deep style

Mike’s kicking this EP off with the title track ‘Dance You Out’. A track full of reasons to get down and have a good time on the dance floor… Be it the dope beats, the neck breaking bassline, the clever vocal cuts that effortlessly float in and out of the tight groove, or the head spinning drops that chew you up and spit you out… A big track for big moments!

Up next we have ‘BIWY’ (Babe I Want You) where the music speaks for itself. Driven by a sleazy jacked up groove, this track features a massive bassline, a very clever vocal sample, a bit of scratching and more drops than the Grand Canyon. Buckle up!

Last but not least Mike serves up ‘Detroit’. Another great production that grabs a hold of the listener from the first beat. The tight beats and the funky grooves have proved to be the backbone of the 2 previous tracks, and ‘Detroit’ is no different. Add to that a slamming bassline, wicked vocal samples and a cool synth line, and you get what we like to call…another top track.

Mike Scot's 'Dance You Out' EP is out on 28th October 2022 on Heavy House Society.


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