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Premiere: Lexicon Avenue & Fordal - Push (Dabeat Remix) [Forensic Records]

UK Progressive imprint Forensic Records have a longstanding reputation for curating cutting-edge Progressive House releases. Its latest offering lays further testament to the fact, as its boss Lexicon Avenue collaborates with returning label favourite Fordal for a stunning new single titled ‘Push’. Joining them with a standout remix is none other than Musician, DJ & Colombian producer Dabeat, who’s passion for music has led him to consolidate himself as a leading light in the scene - generating diverse sounds within his DJ sets and productions.

Opening with the original mix, ‘Push’ is an upfront driving Prog number with an emphasis on rolling grooves and crisp percussive flair. Its undulating arp lead and gritty bassline melody steer the track forwards with pleasant grit amidst a sea of atmospheric fills, intensifying scenes and rave-inspired soundscapes from start to finish.

Dabeat’s remix follows with a delightfully underground spin on the original cut, bringing marauding energy and contrasting tones from the outset. A rippling bassline melody drives the track through a portal of hypnotic frequencies and hyperbolic synth play with a roughened analogue edge, as the track hammers home an onslaught of propulsive musicality and captivating rhythms.

Lexicon Avenue & Fordal’s ‘Push’ (incl. Dabeat Remix) is out now on Forensic Records.


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