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Premiere: James Wyler - Playin Games [Short Circuit]

James Wyler

Brooklyn-based imprint Short Circuit proudly presents the latest gems by the talented James Wyler, the "Playin Games" EP. You can download/stream it from 8th December 2023 here:

James Wyler has forged his path by expertly weaving elements of jazz, drums, and hip-hop culture into the fabric of stripped-back Romanian minimal grooves. This striking combination has garnered the attention and admiration of key figures within the global music scene, including Michael Bibi, Mason Collective, Martinez Brothers, Jean Pierre, Toman, and many more. As the minimalist and techy beats continue to evolve and gain prominence within the house music genre, James Wyler stands at the forefront of this sonic exploration.

The artist's discography already boasts impressive releases on respected record labels like Solid Grooves Raw and Deeperfect. But this is only the beginning of what promises to be a remarkable journey. James Wyler's forthcoming music is poised for release on Rawthentic, Binary, Pakate, and Whippin, underlining the growing recognition of his talents and the anticipation that surrounds his work. The industry is ready for a new luminary, and James Wyler is making significant strides toward becoming the next breakout artist.

"Groove Thang" is the epitome of groove itself. It's a low-slung, funk-infused masterpiece that injects an irresistible energy into the dancefloor. The vocal samples add an uplifting dimension, and the track's rolling groove is nothing short of infectious. With lush, stripped-back beats, James Wyler crafts an atmosphere that is both enticing and magnetic, ensuring that this one will get you moving.

"Playin Games" takes us further into James Wyler's creative spectrum. With bouncing, swinging beats, it feels like you're caught in a captivating musical game. The cutting-edge production brings a sense of playfulness and an element of surprise, as if each beat and sound is a move in a serious and exhilarating game.

With his signature fusion of jazz, drums, and hip-hop culture with Romanian minimal tech grooves James Wyler's "Playin Games" EP is set to create an electric listening experience that's impossible to ignore.

James Wyler

Short Circuit

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