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Premiere: BYRD - Move Your Body [BLOK]


Experience the latest offering from rising talent Byrd - 'Move Your Body', featured prominently on his newest EP via BLOK. This track embodies the essence of peak-time driving Techno, characterised by hypnotic arpeggios and a captivating vocal motif. Buy it here:

Byrd's rapid ascent in the electronic music scene reflects his unwavering dedication and innovative flair. Renowned for his dynamic sets and passion for the turntables, he continuously explores new sonic territories, seamlessly blending diverse influences.

Drawing from underground Techno to groovy tech and high-energy bass, Byrd's sound is defined by its eclectic dynamism and infectious energy. In the studio, he meticulously crafts compositions that evoke the pulsating ambience of neon-lit dance floors, delivering an immersive techno experience.

'Move Your Body' epitomises Byrd's artistic vision, with a relentless rhythmic drive and captivating vocal hook that compels movement and ignites the senses. Beyond its sonic allure, Byrd's music fosters communal resonance and transcendent connection on the dance floor.

As Byrd evolves artistically, 'Move Your Body' is a testament to his creative evolution and commitment to sonic excellence. This track promises to captivate audiences worldwide with its pulsating energy and infectious allure.

Embark on a danceable odyssey with 'Move Your Body' by Byrd, available from 17th May on BLOK.



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