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Premiere: Jacob Husley - Love Comes Out Of Hiding [WetYourSelf! Recordings]

fabriclondon resident Jacob Husley’s impressive global DJ career over the last 13+ years matches his equally promising venture into the world of music production. The WetYourSelf! Recordings frontman has frequently received support from Raresh, Priku, Laurent Garnier, Kruder and Dorfmeister, Magda, John Digweed and many more over the years - giving you an indication of the diversity and quality within his work.

His latest body of work commences with the title track ‘Deep Journey’, a deepened driving cut with rolling grooves and sophisticated sonics throughout. Tough drums and velvet musicality build the core of the track, bolstered by a firmly undulating bassline melody and the sensual escape of Betty’s sirene spoken vocals.

We premiere ‘Love Comes Out Of Hiding’, which completes the release with more analogue-focused goodness, providing a stripped-back late-night number filled with elegant nuances from start to finish. Another impressively firm centre of rhythm and low-frequency weight provides the perfect contrast for an endless sea of crisp percussive flair and vibrant harmonies as the track ripples along throughout its ebb and flow of glitchy underground flavours.

Jacob Husley’s ‘Deep Journey’ EP is available from 7th April 2023 on WetYourSelf! Recordings.


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