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Premiere: Discover (BR), Society Haus - I Think About You [Baikonur Recordings]

Baikonur Recordings presents a new release featuring two talented artist duos - Society Haus and Discover (BR). The release includes two contrasting tracks that cater to different moods and moments on the dancefloor.

First up is 'This Is All Crazy' by Discover (BR), a dark and massive tech-house banger with a solid bass line and catchy vocal hook that's guaranteed to get fire on the dancefloor. This tune is perfectly fit for peak-time party hours.

On the other hand, 'I Think About You' by Society Haus and Discover (BR) is a groovy deep-tech track with light and airy synth stabs, sliced vocal chops, and snappy drums. This track is the antipode of the previous one, making it perfectly fit for warming up any party.

Overall, this release is ideal for underground club and festival DJs who are always on the lookout for quality music that can get the crowd moving. Society Haus and Discover (BR) showcase their ability to blend their local culture with the latest trends in underground club music. These tracks will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the dancefloor.

Discover (BR) & Society Haus' 'This Is All Crazy' EP is available now on Baikonur Recordings.

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