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Pedro Cazanova feat. Andrea - Selfish Love II feat. remixes by Cazanovas, DJ Freespirit, Padre Guilherme and PEACE MAKER! (Cavo Paradiso Records)

Pedro Cazanova IG | Spotify

Cavo Paradiso Records is back with another new package that looks to build on the success of its first and it is another bumper one with original music by Pedro Cazanova feat. Andrea and remixes from Cazanova himself as well as DJ Freespirit, Padre Guilherme, and PEACE MAKER!. 

Pedro Cazanova is one of the main men when it comes to the Portuguese house scene and is no stranger to big tunes thanks to his big hit 'Selfish Love'. That came in 2009 and now he follows it up with part II which is a lush deep house roller with warm synths and a captivating vocal hook that is surely destined to captivate festival crowds. His own fine remix infuses Afro-tinged broken beats, while DJ Freespirit's version adds a club-ready tech house vibe. Padre Guilherme then takes it into new realms with a melodic techno take filled with energy and emotion. The PEACE MAKER! version concludes the release with a steamy house rendition guaranteed to ignite any party atmosphere. 

This is another big tune from Cazanova that is backed with some stylish reworks. 


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