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Pedrik raises temperatures on inventive new single ‘ICE’

Rising Athens-based DJ and producer Pedrik stays cool on his masterful new single ‘ICE’, out now on Pandora.

‘ICE’ is an atmospheric banger with melodic synths, spoken word vocals, and pristine production that reveal the creative depth of this evolving artist. Crafting a delicate interplay of electronic elements, Pedrik layers intricate uptempo percussion with haunting vocal samples and an infectious energy. Unlike its title, ‘Ice’ is a tune that’s sure to heat up the dancefloor.

Pedrik was born and raised in Athens, his love for music coming early as a multi-instrumentalist. A born ambitious and diligent artist always in the mood to create and spread music, the DJ and producer is known for his nonstop positive vibes, offering virtually unparalleled energetic stage performances. His work has inspired listeners from all the world with his unique take on House music.

Pedrik also held weekly sell out events in Athens, exhibiting all of the grooviest dance sounds from the capital to other popular locations across the country.

With his ingenious new single, Pedrik is spreading the party vibes further than just Greece – this is an artist who is going truly global with his signature homegrown sound.

‘ICE’ is out now on Pandora - STREAM HERE

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