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NTIA Hails O2 Brixton Academy's Reopening as a Milestone in Crowd Safety for Performance Venues

O2 Academy Brixton

Tonight marks a significant moment for music lovers as the O2 Academy Brixton reopens after more than a year of closure. Michael Kill, CEO of the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA), has expressed optimism about the event, citing enhanced safety measures and extended licensing conditions to ensure attendees' well-being.

In a statement ahead of the reopening, Kill remarked, "We are pleased that the Brixton Academy will finally be able to open its doors this evening for the first time in over a year, with a comprehensive safety plan and extended licensing conditions which have been agreed by authorities to safeguard future events within this iconic building."

The NTIA and various stakeholders have worked tirelessly to establish a new standard of safety for licensed performance spaces across the UK. Kill emphasised the collaborative effort involved in ensuring a successful reopening and expressed condolences for the tragic events of December 2022, which saw the loss of two individuals, Gaby Hutchinson & Rebecca Ikumelo.

Recognising the Brixton Academy's cultural significance, Kill reaffirmed its commitment to its safe operation, acknowledging its unique place in the hearts of music enthusiasts. He credited the collective action of supporters who advocated for its reopening, underscoring the enduring passion for live music and nightlife culture.

As the iconic venue prepares to resume hosting live performances, Kill expressed anticipation for the community once again to experience the magic of live music within its walls. The reopening of the Brixton Academy signifies a revival of entertainment and a milestone in prioritising crowd safety within performance spaces.


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