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"Nightsteppaz - Can't Get Enough (w/ Huxley, Angelo Ferreri, Mass Digital Remixes)"

Record Sounds Like: Classic house and deep house music like Louie Vega, MK, Etc.

Vibe Me To The Moon is proud to present "Can't Get Enough" by the distinguished Nightsteppaz, a highly anticipated release that is scheduled for release on March 8, 2024.

The opening track "Can't Get Enough" epitomizes that classic Deep House sound. It's a masterful blend of stand out vocalist and memorable bassline. Joining the original we have an amazing set of remixes,each bringing a unique voice to the record.

Angelo Ferreri delivers a remix that marries the vibrancy of house with a deeper, more dubbed out edge, a skilful reinvention. Huxley’s remix offers a darker, more brooding cut, incorporating elements that give it a UKG side, whilst retaining the heights. The Mass Digital & Nightsteppaz remix is a dancefloor-centric rework, seamlessly blending a heavy beat with the raw energy of Nightsteppaz's style.

Perhaps the most poignant inclusion is the Rishi K. Remix, a sonic homage by the late Rishi K, Nightsteppaz's friend and mentor. His remix lends a bittersweet touch to this release, as his remix takes the original into more big room territory.

"Can't Get Enough" is a collection of genre-spanning influences, and a tribute to the lost.

Artist Quote - "I'm very excited to finally release "Can't Get Enough" to the world. This release has been a work in progress for many years, and I am also very happy with the excellent variation of remixes by Huxley, Angelo Fererri, Mass Digital, and my late and great friend and mentor Rishi K. who produced his remix many years ago before his untimely passing. This one is dedicated to the memory of Rishi! - Nightsteppaz "


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